IN Tester (N2INT)

GUI-driven, Automated, Multi-protocol Tester

The N-Squared IN Tester provides an all-in-one GUI-driven test-design.

The solution supports the design of complete end-to-end tests. For example, a single test case could reset subscriber state, reset subscriber balance, perform a simulated voice call to the SCP, then query and validate the balance, and check for expected Call Data Record fields.

The solution supports the key protocols from traditional Telecommunications service control:

  • Diameter Event
  • Diameter Session
  • CAMEL/INAP Voice Call
  • SMPP
  • REST Client
  • REST Server
  • SOAP Client
  • SOAP Server
  • Arbitrary Logic
  • Call Data Record Lookup
  • OCNCC Provisioning Interface (PI)
  • OCNCC Open Services Development (OSD)

The solution supports multiple execution modes:

  • Test Suites & Batch Execution
  • Scheduled Execution
  • On-Demand Execution, Drill-Down Message Analysis

Supported use cases include:

  • Pre-Paid Charging
  • Pre-Paid Subscriber Self-Management
  • Toll-Free, Universal Access Number, Premium Rate, Tele-Voting
  • Voice VPN and Closed User Group
  • Short Messaging
  • Data Sessions

Network engineers can perform advanced functions, and analyze byte-level protocol messages. High-Level, business testers can use templating features to quickly create tests for rating, subscriber life-cycle, and other functional testing.

When a test shows “all green”, it can be scheduled to run regularly as an automated regression test, to quickly alert if a new patch or configuration change breaks previously working base system features.


Product Information

User & Technical Guide

Management Screens

Node Screens

Deployment Notes

Platform Sizing

The N-Squared IN Tester is a general-purpose functional tester, capable of managing test instances and test suites in large, multi-environment network deployments.

The Tester also supports a “load traffic” mode, suitable for stress testing target platforms up to moderate traffic levels.

OSS/BSS Features

N2INT has Administration GUIs for test design & execution, and for platform monitoring. Standard Operational features include Alarms, Statistics, and test execution reports.

N2SVCD Components

The N2INT is built on the N2SVCD framework. The following diagram shows the N2SVCD components which are deployed for N2INT:

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