This Technical Guide describes the installation and configuration of the components included in the N-Squared N2SCP platform.

Refer to the core n2svcd documentation for general principles of and documentation regarding the base components. The N2SCP documentation only describes its own delivered additional components.

This package adds two new applications to N2SVCD:

The N2DSG-SCP is an out-of-the-box Diameter/CAMEL signalling gateway, which functions as a CAMEL/Diameter Interworking Function with additional enrichment features.

The N2LHO-SCP is a general-purpose “Logic Hand-Off SCP” component. It is deployed as part of a complete N2ACD-SCP (Automated Call Distribution “Toll-Free”) service, as well as being a critical component of other CAMEL/INAP Value-Added Services such as Number Portability, Voice VPN, and other site-specific services.

N2SCP Logical Components

N2SCP has several logical components:

Each of these components can have multiple instances in a given deployment in order to provide service continuity or meet performance targets. They also may be installed separately or co-hosted with any other component. However, at least one instance of each core component is required for the N2SCP system as a whole to function.

If no CUG functionality is required, only the core SVC component is necessary.

N2SCP Packages

In order to provide its logical components, several packages are available:

Package Component Description
n2scp-gui GUI Provides the CUG administrative GUI
n2scp-api API Provides CUG provisioning API endpoints.
n2scp-svc SVC Enables all runtime call processing.
n2scp-db DB Provides the CUG database schema.

N2SCP Installation

Installation instructions are provided for all N2SCP package types.

The root directory for all N2SCP package is /usr/share/n2scp. Some packages may install additional files in other locations; these are called out explicitly in individual installation instructions.