N-Squared Support

Support Types

Support Coverage

All projects that N-Squared undertakes include a period of Initial Warranty Support from the date of first solution go-live. In addition, customers may choose to purchase Extended Support at the conclusion of the initial warranty period.

Both Initial Warranty Support and Extended Support offer the same support, including:

  • Supplying any required patches or fixes for N-Squared products.
  • Offering new releases and installation assistance for N-Squared products.
  • Suggestions of relevant patches, fixes, or new releases for any third-party products relevant to the solution.
  • Responding to issues and general queries.

Service Levels

N-Squared will work with each customer to establish a mutually-agreeable service level agreement for Critical and non-Critical issues.

Support Details

Issues & General Queries

N-Squared deals with the several types of issues and queries as part of both Initial Warranty and Extended Support:

  • Critical issues, i.e. hindered performance of an essential expected function which cannot be worked around, causing immediate material impact.
  • Non-Critical issues, i.e. behaviour of the system which contradicts expectations but does not qualify as a Critical issue.
  • General Queries, i.e. a question regarding the operation of the System.

Nature of Support

All N-Squared support is remote, with no on-site presence. N-Squared operates at the “Tier 2 & 3” levels of support:

  • In-depth technical support above front-line support staff for troubleshooting and diagnosing issues, and
  • Back-end development support for the resolution of issues raised.