Does N-Squared work exclusively in Telecommunications?

N-Squared works only in the Telecommunications domain, providing our own family of modern, standards-based Telco Products to operators here in Australasia, and around the globe.

How did N-Squared become experts in Telecommunications software?

N-Squared Software was founded in 2008, and has worked continously in Telecommunications since then.

Furthermore, the core of our senior staff were previously long-term employees of other Telecommunications software development companies, specifically G8 Labs, eServGlobal, and Oracle.

What is the relationship between N-Squared and Oracle?

N-Squared is currently an Oracle Gold Partner.

In the past we have deployed and maintained many different instances of the Oracle OCNCC/OC3C telecommunications software platform on behalf of various Telco operators around the world.

For new Telco deployments, naturally we recommend our own N-Squared Products for real-time telephony call, session, and message processing.

What technologies does N-Squared use?

Run-time operating system is exclusively Linux. At the Database layer, we work with MongoDB and PostgreSQL. For front-end components we use Angular/JS.

Our domain-specific telephony suite codec libraries (ASN.1, M3UA, Diameter, TCAP, etc.) are necessarily written in C for maximum performance of bit/byte processing.

For embedded service logic, we have long-ago settled on the popular, powerful, lightweight Lua scripting language. Lua is specifically designed for the execution of fast, re-entrant, hooks and plugins.

Our mid-layer frameworks use various 3GL programming languages as appropriate. We are currently in the process of evaluating Rust as our “standard” 3GL language for all new development.

Does N-Squared hire junior Programmers?

At this moment in time, we are not actively seeking graduate/junior programmers.

Does N-Squared offer a “Student Intern Programme”?

N-Squared does not currently offer a Student Summer Intern programme.

At this time we do not have any tasks suitable for an intern to tackle.

What CMS do you use for your web-site?

This site is created with Hugo.