Jarvis Framework

The “Jarvis” Restful Web-Application framework is a targeted solution for Perl developers providing a general-purpose, secure web-application interface to a back-end database. The Jarvis library is used within several N-Squared products and customer solutions.

The Jarvis Restful Web-Service library is open-source, and is released under the permissive LGPL Licence.

Jarvis is available here in .deb and .rpm package formats (including source code, demo applications and documentation). The Jarvis Documentation is included in each package, but is also linked here for your convenience.

Version: 7

The version 7 Jarvis upgrade includes notable improvements in connectivity to NoSQL databases including MongoDB, OAuth 2.0 authentication support, PostgreSQL JSON types, HTTP PATCH style merge updates, and a switch from XML::Smart to libxml for RHEL 8 support.

Version: 6.3

Note: Documentation is not usually updated for bug-fix releases.

Note: For Jarvis 5.6 and later, the plugin “do” method now includes CGI arguments, numbed and named restful arguments. Previously it provided only numbered restful arguments. This change means that $user_args is now a HASH reference, not an ARRAY reference. You may need to change existing plugins to match.

Version: 5.4

Windows packages can be built from the source code.