Simple Number Services (N2SNS)

Multi-Protocol Number Translation

The N-Squared Simple Number Services product is a flexible multi-protocol solution for number treatment services which do not require complex voice interaction.

The product can perform number-handling services for requests received in CAMEL/INAP, SIP, MAP (reply or forward), ENUM, and/or Diameter.

It is appropriate for non-interactive, non-charged services, such as:

  • Number Portability (Lookup & Response)
  • Number Portability (Message Forwarding)
  • Number Screening (e.g. Black-List, SPAM, Spoofing checks)
  • Number Translation

All services are defined using a free-form Lua-scripting framework. This facilitates the simple definition of powerful, highly-customized services that tailored to the exact network integration and functional requirements of the site-specific deployment.

Supported protocols include:

  • CAMEL/INAP InitialDP
  • MAP ATI/SRI/SRI-SM (Lookup/Response)
  • MAP ATI/SRI/SRI-SM (Transfer/Redirect)
  • ENUM
  • Diameter

When processing calls in CAMEL or SIP, then N2SNS can perform some simple announcement features (e.g. play “rejected” announcement and hangup).

However, for services which require rich-feature voice interaction, we would suggest either the N-Squared Automated Call Distribution (N2ACD) product with its built-in call flow graphical service designer, or the N-Squared Specialized Resource Platform (N2SRP) product which provides a comprehensive set of scriptable Interactive Voice Response features.

For the processing of calls requiring pre-paid charging control, or requiring protocol mapping/passthrough features, then the relevant solution is the N-Squared Inter-Working Function (N2IWF) product.


User & Technical Guide

Protocol Conformance Statements

Message Flows

Service Design

The number processing services executing within N2SNS can be customized for each site using free-form logic, written in the popular Lua Scripting Language - a lightweight, high-level, multi-paradigm programming language designed specifically for embedded use in applications such as this one.

The Lua language is a full-featured language including string manipulation, mathematics, control statements, lists, tables, exception handling, etc.

The N2SNS number lookup script may read information from the provided Number Portability database structure, which is typically installed as a co-located database copy for maximum availability and minimum response time.

The product provides purpose-build, robust, non-blocking framework libraries to support the enrichment of the number processing scripts using north-bound interactions including:

  • REST Client requests
  • SOAP CLient requests
  • Database Lookup requests

Publicly available third-party Lua libraries can also be installed, in addition to the ability to create in-house, site-specific library functions.

Deployment Notes

Platform Sizing

The N-Squared Simple Number Services platform is suitable for any operator requiring number porting, number screening, or other simple number processing for a single protocol or mixed-protocol environment, using any combination of CAMEL/INAP, SIP, MAP ATI, MAP SRI, MAP SRI-SM, ENUM Lookup, and/or Diameter.

The solution supports high TPS rates for operators of any size and is laterally scalable with N+1, 2N, or 2(N+1) deployment for High-Availability, Geographic Redundancy, and traffic growth using active/active or active/passive failover.

OSS/BSS Features

N2SNS has Administration GUIs for number management and operator configuration. A REST API is provided for automated provisioning from an external master source.

Standard Operational features include Alarms, Statistics, and Event Data Records.

The SNS service generates Event Data Records for the relevant protocol(s) including:

  • CAMEL/INAP EDRs describing the lookup interaction.
  • SIP EDRs describing the lookup interaction.
  • MAP EDRs describing the lookup interaction.
  • ENUM EDRs describing the lookup interaction.
  • Diameter EDRs describing the lookup interaction.
  • Supplementary (optional) custom service EDRs describing the service flow.

N2SVCD Components

The N2SNS is built on the N2SVCD framework. The following diagram shows the N2SVCD components which are relevant to a multi-protocol N2SNS deployment:

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